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Heterogeneity Aware Shared DRAM Cache for Integrated Heterogeneous Systems - pdf, slides
Adarsh Patil
Master of Science (Engineering) Thesis, Department of CSA, IISc

HAShCache: Heterogeneity-Aware Shared DRAMCache for Integrated Heterogeneous Systems - pdf, slides, poster
Adarsh Patil, R Govindarajan
ACM Trans. Arch. and Code Optim. (TACO), Volume 14, Issue 4 - December 2017
EECS Research Students Symposium, April 2017, Best Poster Award


TLB and Pagewalk Performance in Multicore Architectures with Large Die-Stacked DRAM Cache - pdf, slides
Adarsh Patil, R Govindarajan
Tech Report - CSA Perspective Seminar 2015


Spoken Language Identification Using Machine Learning - pdf, slides
Adarsh Patil, Harsha K C, Akshay Joshi, Pramod N, Srinivasa K G
Bachelor of Engg (B.E.) Project Report

SNIDS: An Intelligent Multiclass Support Vector Machines Based NIDS - pdf
Srinivasa K G, Adarsh Patil, Harsha K C, Akshay Joshi and Pramod N

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