I am a Techie at heart
I do what I love and I love what I do. I have been fascinated by computers since I was 15 and continue to purse my interests in this field. I am a Research Scientist at the HPC Ecosystem Group at Intel. More details on my portfolio page.
I like to inspire and be inspired
I am a technology evangelist and firmly believe technology can be used for greater good of mandkind
I like to travel, visit places and experience different
Been to places all over the world - Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Vatican City, London, Frace, Swiss, Qatar, Dubai, South Afria, Kenya, Maldives, USA and more... I would like to keep exploring all my life if possible
An avid Running Enthusiast always striving to be
better! adarshpatil on Garmin & my Running diary
Personal Best - 5K (22mins), 10K (48mins),
Half Marathon (1:55hrs)
"If you are what you eat, then you might as well eat something good" said Ratatouille.
I try new cusines at various restaurants around Bangalore. adarshpatil on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato! My position on the Zomato leaderboard!

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I do open source most of my hobby projects. I like to tickle my brain through creative expression and code.

Technically savvy, proficient, easy to work with and a quick learner

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