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I am a Research Scientist at the High Performance Computing Ecosystem & Applications Group at Intel.
My research interests include Code Optimization/Compilation for High Performance Systems, DRAM/Memory Systems design and Computer Architecture.

I completed my M.Sc Engineering degree at the CSA Department of Indian Institute of Science working under Prof. R Govindarajan. Formerly, I was a Technology Analyst for 2 years at Goldman Sachs in the Virtualization and Linux engineering team. I received my Bachelors degree in Computer Science at M. S Ramaiah Inst. of Tech..

Outside programming I am a distance running hobbyist: Marathons, Strength/Cross training, Trekking and more.
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All About Running

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ExaScale computing challenge

Opportunities and Innovationsread more →

Recent projects & publications

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HAShCache: Heterogeneity Aware Shared DRAMCache for IHS

Research Paperread more →

TLB & pagewalk performance in multicores w/ stacked DRAM

Research Reportread more →

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